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place where mahatma gandhi was shot and killed
statue of gandhi with two children
footsteps to where gandhi was shot.
several Indian woman having a picnic.
stream with husband and wife having photos, beautiful building on the other side of the water.
Gandhi with spinning wheel icon.

Museums and places of interest to Mahatma Gandhi

Ten cities in two weeks. 

Educating the Children

"If you want real peace in the world, start with children." Mahatma Gandhi

School kids shoes in a row. black and well worn.
Indian school girls in a classroom.
Tushar Gandhi with school kids in a classroom in India.
laughing young Indian girls and boys.
young girls in a classroom, two are looking at the camera.
uniformed children running to see Tushar.
Indian migrant worker kids
poor Indian migrant worker kids with Welcome sign.
young Indian girls dressed for celebration.
apprenticeship for young indian men, several listening to their teacher.
Mahatma Gandhi with his grandson, Arun. Tushar's father.
Mahatma Gandhi Icon

Learn more about the Gandhi Family

Arun Gandhi, passes on May 2, 2023. A man who lived an extraordinary life serving humanity. A true Peace Farmer. He is one of our Human Family’s Great One’s. Rest In Peace Appaji.

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