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Join me, Tushar Gandhi, on a special tour of India. This 2024-2025 Gandhi Legacy Tour is a special tribute to my father, Dr. Arun Gandhi. Join us as we retrace the footsteps of my Bapu. You know him as Mahatma Gandhi. 

INDIA, 2025

A photo of Tushar Gandhi

Gandhi Legacy Tour 2023

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Mani Bhavan

Museum and Gandhi Home

Mahatma Gandhi with his grandson Arun Gandhi. Arun is Tushar's father.
hands with globe, Indian flag colors.



a hidden photo that should not be here.
Birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi
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Kirti Mandir

Birthplace of Gandhi

pottery image
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A not-for-profit platform for the promotion of traditional handicrafts 

Global Mission, Grassroots Impact

Indian woman making stuffed animals
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Womens India Trust

West Mumbai, India

Girls ready to dance in India AVANI.
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AVANI Women & Child Rights


Tushar Gandhi with school kids.
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Vikalp Sangam

Migrant Schools

children with prosthetics from Jaipur foot.
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Jaipur Foot 

Totally Free of Cost

Bust of Mahatma Gandhi

Global Experience

Who should come: People that want to be the change they wish to see in the world. Learn Gandhian principles by a family member of Mahatma Gandhi. 

Gandhi Legacy Tours

Indian Migrant worker girls laughing.

Help Others

This is your chance to utilize your expertise for the benefit of our community. Medical, nursing, mental and global health learner's- you can have an impact.

Gandhi Legacy Tours 

The place where Mahatma Gandhi was shot and killed.


After the journey is over, you will be presented with a Humanitarian award and commemorative certificate as a reminder of this unforgettable experience.  

Gandhi Legacy Tours

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